The dots choice to the fresh noun that’s indeed there during the actual address

The dots choice to the fresh noun that’s indeed there during the actual address

When you say, dirig-kur-s^age, you are saying ‘beyond men and women mountains’. The kur-s^age in cases like this implies ‘those mountains indeed there inside view’, therefore the audio speaker says ‘exceeding or greater than people hills there’.

Furthermore, a predominant Middle East origins of one’s modern inhabitants of your own marshes regarding southern Iraq implies that if the Marsh Arabs was descendants of the old Sumerians, and the Sumerians were probably autochthonous rather than out of Indian otherwise South Western ancestry

>I am writing a newsprint towards God, to own a philosophy classification. I’m trying confirm >that the production facts was a narrative about the delivery regarding just one, every single >every one of you was our personal God. I have see each of Zecharia Sitchin’s courses >and believe that exactly what the guy wrote would-be real, however, I do believe that the bodily >business is a representation your collective interior otherwise religious industry. I am >curious of how you would convert – Nibiru. I have tried personally your own dictionary and you will >various other of those and you will Sitchin translates it « The whole world out-of crossing ». I get >society otherwise part of the body not the latest crossing. In my opinion you to definitely possibly it’s >something you should create having a reducing of one’s bodily to help you equal the brand new religious. >You are going to you to definitely feel plausible?

The brand new Sumerians have been wise on ethical and basic questions, however, I don’t think that they were while the abstract as you are being. Neberu is a keen Akkadian keyword, not good Sumerian phrase. They referred to a river crossing, ford, otherwise an effective ferry (boat). The city off Nippur try most likely found at such as for instance a location. The entire world Jupiter, which we realize is actually later on named Neberu, belonged to your head goddess throughout the Babylonian pantheon, Marduk. Do not provides evidence, however, earlier it might keeps belonged to the Sumerian Enlil, the latest temple goodness regarding Nippur and chief goddess on the Sumerian pantheon. There clearly was a possibility one Neberu plus described brand new Northern Celebrity. New Sumerians tended to enterprise what they know in the world to the new sky.

>I am looking for a professional on Sumerian vocabulary who’ll >make certain otherwise debunk Zechariah Sitchin’s states out of Sumerian translation. As >much while i can tell, no body which have a beneficial scholarly and you can credible record provides >actually ever affirmed or declined his states.

>Their seven instructions dedicated to the latest Annunaki have gone unchallenged >consistently. While you are unfamiliar with his functions, it is his contention >you to sumerian messages check if the human race are naturally changed >to service an exceptional extraterrestrial battle called the annunaki.

This new Sumerians didn’t have a word to own faith, once the worshipping the new gods at its temples try very first on their lives.

Full the results mean that the development of drinking water buffalo reproduction and you may rice farming, most likely throughout the Indian sub-region, only somewhat impacted the latest gene pond off autochthonous folks of the newest area

As you can imagine, it is hard getting a reputation because of their religion, when they usually do not need a word to have religion.

Probably not. It explained on their own since the black-going anybody while the publication of the Cavalli-Sforza ainsi que al., A brief history and you can Geography away from Peoples Genes, means that their modern descendants certainly are the folks of Kuwait.

Postscript additional examination of this new DNA out-of 1ple away from Iraqi control visited next conclusions: « Evidence of hereditary stratification ascribable toward Sumerian development are considering by Y-chromosome analysis where in fact the J1-Page08 part suggests a location expansion, nearly contemporary on Sumerian City-state several months you to definitely defined Southern Mesopotamia. On the other hand, a very ancient records distributed to Northern Mesopotamia are shown by the the newest less represented Y-chromosome descent J1-M267*.  » « Trying to find new genetic footprints from Sumerians: a study out of Y-chromosome and you may mtDNA type regarding Marsh Arabs of Iraq », Nadia Al-Zahery1, med A Hamod23, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani1, Anna Olivieri1, Antonio Torroni1, Augusta S Santachiara-Benerecetti1 and you can Ornella Semino, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, .

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